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Leitch House History Highlights

As several established Madisonians know, The Livingston Inn is identified more formally as the William T. Leitch House.  This is the name given to the house when it was placed on the National Register of Historic Places in 1972.  William T. Leitch was the original owner of the house, overseeing its construction in the 1850s.  The Livingston Inn was the name given to the house when it became a B&B in the mid-1990s.  In its history, our home was also called the Harman House, named after the long tenure of Gordon and Dolly Harman at 752 East Gorham from the mid-1950s to 1990s.  To this day, some Madisonians still refer to the house as the Harman House.  Continue reading

Anniversary Gifts

Last week we marked our fourth anniversary at The Livingston Inn, also known on the National Register of Historic Places as the William T. Leitch House. On July 29, 2011, we opened our doors with excitement, and a little trepidation, for what would come. Looking back, I can say it’s pretty close to what we envisioned with a couple of small, but wise, adjustments along the way.

Nils Haugen Chair and Ottoman-Before

Nils Haugen Chair and Ottoman-Before

One wonderful gift that was finished and returned to the house in time for our fourth anniversary is a reupholstered chair and ottoman belonging to the third owner of the house, Nils Haugen. His great-granddaughter brought both items to us a few months after we moved in. It wasn’t until this year, though, that we had the opportunity to restore them as signature pieces of furniture at our B&B. The Nils Haugen chair and ottoman look right at home in front of the fireplace in the back parlor.

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Connections and Beginnings

Peggy and I love owning this historic home.  We’ve often said that we consider ourselves stewards of the building and its history, so we’ve been very gratified by the positive reaction from our neighbors and the greater Madison community since we moved in.  There has been a good amount of positive press about the inn and about our wonderful Grand Opening, just over a year ago.

The Livingston Inn Grand Opening Sept 16, 2011

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Anniversary Thoughts

The Livingston Inn – July 2012

One year ago today, we opened The Livingston Inn as a bed and breakfast in the historic William T. Leitch House in Madison.  We did a ton of work leading up to the opening and knew much more was coming.  Reflecting back, I must say the first year was different than we expected but undoubtedly was a successful one in so many ways. Continue reading

Top 10 Reasons We Love Halloween

Our family has always thoroughly enjoyed Halloween.  Given this is our first year living in and operating The Livingston Inn, we are especially looking forward to this zany day.  As my son stated when I was decorating the yard this year, “Dad, it’s a Gothic-revival mansion.  You’ve got to make it look great.”  Hence, the zombie with glowing red eyes coming out of the ground that I added to this year’s display.  And the orange glowing light in the cupola. Continue reading

The first three months

Three months ago, my family and I moved to 752 East Gorham Street, also known as the William T. Leitch House, informally known by locals as the Harman House, and now operating again as The Livingston Inn.  With its four grand guest rooms, it is quite amazing to see the transformation of our B&B since we moved across the isthmus over Memorial Day weekend. Continue reading