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Boom Town, Part Two

Madison 1867

Madison 1867

In my last blog, I wrote about big changes happening in Madison over 150 years ago during the “Village Decade”. Among other things, I observed the similarities between those boomtown years and the growth and change we’ve seen in Madison during the past few years. While there are many glorious moments when a city prospers, there are also inevitable growing pains. In part two of this topic, I’ll share some interesting facts and challenges that were part of city life in the 1850s.  Continue reading

It’s Not Easy Being Green

img_0137-2When my wife and I opened The Livingston Inn a little over three years ago, we knew we wanted to do it sustainably and use organic and natural products whenever possible. But it was hard to see what a “green” business might look like in the midst of bringing a 160-year-old home back to life. Certainly, we could say we would commit to sound environmental practices. But how would we take action on that commitment day-to-day?

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