Halloween “Postmortem”

Hi friends –

Hope you had a fun Halloween.  Here at The Livingston Inn we had a number of cute and scary visitors, whom we treated to full-size candy bars. Most of them were very polite and gave us great big thank-yous for our efforts.

Halloween "Postmortem" 13 Halloween "Postmortem"

We also had a wedding here this week, and we took the opportunity to shoot a video of the inn in all its haunted Halloween glory – you can watch it here: Livingston Inn at Halloween.  Be sure to listen for the eerie music we play out of the cupola.  The video came out grainy, but it gives it that Blair Witch Project feel!  What a fun holiday!

Halloween "Postmortem" 14 Halloween "Postmortem"

Here are some pictures our son took during the spooky evening.  Holidays sure are fun around here and we look forward to another great Halloween in 2013.  Oooh…unlucky 13.  We’ll see what we can do with that!

Halloween "Postmortem" 15 Halloween "Postmortem"Halloween "Postmortem" 16 Halloween "Postmortem"Halloween "Postmortem" 17 Halloween "Postmortem"Halloween "Postmortem" 18 Halloween "Postmortem"

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