Fall Forward

Fall Forward 7 Fall ForwardFifteen years ago, Peggy and I moved to Madison.  We came for a variety of reasons that made sense for our family.  We left Breckenridge, Colorado — where we had met when we both worked in the hospitality industry there — the first week of November, right between the summer and winter seasons.

Growth of the city aside, Madison looked about the same as it does today, as I’m writing this.  Kind of grey, very few leaves left on the trees. We had mixed emotions when we got here.  We rented a small house in the Dudgeon-Monroe neighborhood, and our neighbors were nice and welcoming.  But we had lived in Breckenridge for years.  We knew people, had friends, were familiar with the area.  Madison was new, un-navigated territory, and we felt both apprehensive and excited.

Our adopted city has been good to us. I can say without reservation that the people are the friendliest I’ve ever met.  Almost anywhere in the city you can strike up a conversation with the person next to you and have an interesting conversation.  On top of that, the city year-round offers something to do for all ages and lifestyles.

Fifteen years later, we feel like we’ve landed where we’re supposed to be — in Madison, and here in The Livingston Inn.  In the first week of November, as we watch the last of the leaves fall; as the nights get longer, and we wait for one of our favorite holidays, Thanksgiving, Peggy and I will light the fireplaces and maybe a few candles and think back to how far we’ve come when we arrived on that grey day years ago.

Fall Forward 8 Fall ForwardHow thankful we are to live in this great city, and to be fulfilling our dreams of owning a bed & breakfast. How grateful we are for our three engaging, healthy, entertaining children.  And how gratified we are by this new business venture, and all the interesting, friendly, wonderful guests we have the good fortune to meet and assist on their travels.

Happy November! After fifteen years, we are still so glad we came.

By the way, Thanksgiving truly is just around the corner, and then we’re into the Christmas holiday season.  We have a special offer until November 16: Book a holiday event at the inn, and you’ll get a free weeknight stay between Jan 2 and April 11.  Consider us for office events or private get-togethers.  Space for up to 75 reception-style event guests. Contact us for more information!

Fall Forward 9 Fall Forward

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