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Autumn Flavors

It’s apple season!  Yes, despite the summer-like temperatures in the first part of September, apple orchards around Madison are in the midst of harvesting this year’s crop.  This is an excellent opportunity to sample local produce as well as experience our many farmers’ markets or venture out of the city to a nearby orchard.

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Madison, Naturally

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Back garden at The Livingston Inn

It’s that time of year when summer is at its fullest. There are plenty of warm days where everyone is outside taking in the lakes, parks, events, concerts, and festivals. It seems every day, and well into the evening, downtown Madison is buzzing with people walking around, finding fun things to do and dining out at so many fantastic restaurants.

Coinciding with all this activity, it’s also the time of year in Madison when the plants, gardens, and trees seem to be at their peak. A neighbor calls this the “full riot of summer” where every plant and flower has shot up, has bloomed, is blooming, needs trimming, or is getting ready to grow more heading into fall. Walking around neighborhoods, parks, or through Olbrich Botanical or Allen Centennial Gardens, there is so much beauty in all the varieties of flowers and plants enjoying the summer.  Continue reading

Ripple Effect

“Wow, look at the lake!”

I can’t tell you how many times I’ve heard our kids say this as we travel by Lake Mendota, the largest of Madison’s lakes.  The Livingston Inn has lakefront access to this body of water and we are located only three blocks from the lakeside James Madison Park.  The view of Lake Mendota along Gorham Street as you pass the park is stunning.  Summer or winter, morning or evening, brilliant sunshine or dense clouds, the lake appears to shift its visual appeal with the slightest change in light or temperature.  It’s something that is certainly not lost even on pre-teen and teenage children. Continue reading